What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of improving the search visibility of your site by optimizing elements which are located on the website itself, this could be:

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Redirect Rules for .HTACCESS files

Redirect rules are a lifesaver when migration from one website to another or simply when you want to clean your URL’s. Below is a list of redirect rules I use quite often.

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SEO audit for 1 million page plus websites

As an experienced SEO professional, I’ve often done SEO audits of websites with more than one million pages. Doing audits in such a scale requires some heavy lifting and the traditional SEO toolset simply can not handle the amount of data and the scale of these audits.

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HTML 5 and CSS 3.0 day course, London

If you want to learn SEO, then you need to understand the fundamentals of creating a website, because of this, I focused heavily on keeping up to date in terms of website front-end coding such as with HTML 5, Javascript, jQuery, AMP and so on. This article is a summary of a 3-day workshop I had in London focused on HTML 5.

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Not sure if using hyphens or underlines improve search visibility

Does using an underline “_” or hyphen “-” improve your search visibility?

I can’t believe I’m writing an article about something so simple yet I’ve been asked this countless times. Does using an underline or hyphen effect how search engines index your content therefore affecting your search viability? Yes, the secret to ranking high is replacing your underlines with hyphens (kidding).

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MySwissHoliday.com – The SEO experiment

I wanted to really dig into how SEO plays a role in the travel industry, I knew from past experience that it is a very competitive industry with billion dollar players which have hundreds of thousands of backlinks.

I was realistic and completely understood that ranking on the first page of Google would require years of commitment, thousands of travel articles and natural back-links from many good sources.

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