Flavio’s Study Blog

I created a study blog for myself to store my notes where I could access it anywhere, all notes are stored based on the time of the lesson and I can search in the blog for any information I am looking for. I can also send documents, PDFs to be stored together with my notes it really helped me get organized.

Print screen of StudyBlog.co.uk

The blog was private and only I could access it but as other students became aware of my blog, they asked me to share it and so I put it public. In just over a week I got over 1000 views / day, I was amazed on how many people were using the blog, so I decided to make it public, that’s when studyblog.co.uk was born.

Studyblog was still in its infancy with only a few registered users, I decided to launch the service after the academic year was over so that I had time to fix any systems issues that might arise in the BETA release of the site during summer 2011.

StudyBlog was is divided into two systems:

Social network systems:

Allowing students to share, interact, create discussion groups, forum, Virtual Classrooms, Private Internal Messaging with one another. We are also developing Teacher profiles so that teachers can submit their own work, lecture slides and any other information directly to the website and create a virtual classroom where students can interact remotely.

Blogging system:

This system is completely independent from the Social side as I wanted to avoid any distractions from other members.

Since then the project has been discontinued due to copyright issues where many students started publishing university owned material and copy infringement requests where coming on an hourly bases. Because of this and the high risk of litigation I decided to discontinue the project.

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